A unique sound.

Completelly artisan Cajones, made of Finnish birch wood.


Cajón Flamenco La Lulas

La Lulas Cajón Artesano


Excellent Wood and finishes.

Only individually numbered Cajones.

Hand-finished, adjusted and tested at the end of the assembly.

Phenolic plywood Finnish birch 100%.

PEFC Certification.

logo PEFC

This certificate guarantees the purchase wood responsibly, sustainably managed forests, help combat illegal logging and promote playing the main functions of forest resources.Our supplier has PEFC timber certification.

Discover its sound.

Tension system of individual strings. Control of noise and harmonics.

La Lulas

cajón artesano.

Made in Almazora, Castellón de la Plana (Valencia).



La Lulas Cajón Flamenco :

Finnish birch plywood body 12mm.

Back cover of Finnish birch plywood with subwoofers.

Finnish birch front cover multileaf 3mm.

Individual string tension system by headstock.

4 Strings gimped special mounted in parallel.

Inside beech frame.

Special 3-layer lacquered ref. Nature.

Online Percussion Lessons

Click on the image and link to the Online Percussion Lessons by the great percussionist Javier Valdunciel.


Javier Valdunciel