C-2 CUSTOM “Black” Cajon

C-2 CUSTOM “Black” Cajon – Cajon Flamenco La Lulas

Very versatile drawer. An instrument with a very clean sound, simple to touch. With high presence in treble and very dry and round bass.

A versatile drawer, for different styles of music. Its individual string tension system makes it tune to each musician’s taste, without any noise or harmonics.

Its color is matte black, the finish is ref. Nature that highlights the sound of wood, with that sandy and sparkling sense of rope that is sought in the current drawer.

Padded cover and Portes included in the price (only in the peninsula).


C-2 CUSTOM “Black” Cajon – Cajon Flamenco La Lulas.

Cuerpo de contrachapado abedul finlandés 12mm.
Tapa trasera de contrachapado abedul finlandés con refuerzo de graves.
Tapa delantera de abedul finlandés multilamina 3mm.
Sistema tensión individual de cuerdas mediante clavijero.
4 cuerdas entorchadas especiales montadas en paralelo.
Marco interior de madera de haya.
Lacado negro especial 3 capas ref. Nature.

Additional information
Weight 5.4 kg
Dimensions 31.5 × 29.5 × 47 cm

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